CT4 – Finance

This Central Team focuses on financial aspects of the renovation wave and in particular in connection to the renovation and improvement of existing buildings. Work will include as well private finance as finance from European funds and national funding. A special need is collaboration with the European Investment Bank, which is expected to be in regular interaction with the project at Plenary Meetings. Issues like bundling of investments, third party financing / energy service companies and smart finance will be topics under this Central Team. The team will also work with the relation of finance to other incentives for existing buildings. The work would include energy poverty, one-stop shop elements and policy packages etc. in collaboration with other relevant teams. The team mainly focuses on existing buildings, but the team would also occasionally work with smart finance and finance of new highly efficient buildings. The team will also work with information activities and other incentives.

The team is led by Motiva, Finland – Päivi Laitila