CT3 Existing Buildings

Member States have to implement minimum energy performance requirements for existing buildings that undergo major renovation or where larger elements are being replaced. This includes requirements for components by exchange / improvement, and overall performance values. They must also set requirements for technical building systems whenever these are installed, upgraded, or replaced.

Core Team 3 deals with the above obligations for all types of existing buildings. Further focus is set on new elements EPBD, such as the provisions concerning inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems.

The general topic of interest for this Core Team thus concerns requirements for existing buildings and energy renovation, as well on technical building systems as the overall performance.

The team should support the transition from component-based demands to system performance and a more holistic approach for energy renovation of existing buildings. The team will also work with renovation of existing buildings towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) level, indoor air quality and ventilation.

Important is the combination of policies, including demonstration of best practice, minimum performance requirements, labelling / certification, incentives, financing issues, information campaigns, training and capacity building.

Tasks will be shared especially with CT2 and CT4 and any other Central Teams where collaboration seems advantageous.

This Core Team leads the work and reports progress particularly on the following EPBD articles:

◦ Article 7 on “Existing Buildings” – responsible for the set up of minimum energy requirements for buildings undergoing major renovation
◦ Article 8 § 1 on “Technical Building Systems” – responsible for the set up of requirements (not limited to energy performance) for new systems and those being upgraded or replaced.
◦ Articles 14 and 15 on Inspection of Heating and Air-Conditioning systems (or alternative measures) – support to the Core Theme on Certification and Inspection.
◦ Article 16 – Design and use of reports given to building owners on the condition of their heating and air- conditioning systems

Core Team 3 further supports the development of definitions for existing buildings, electro mobility (Article 6 §2 and 4), “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” setting up “NZEB levels” for buildings undergoing refurbishment (Article 9), Financial incentives and market barriers for energy efficient existing buildings (Article 10), and work on Certification, independent experts and control systems (Article 13, 17 and 18).

Led by the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering OIB (Austria) – Susanne Geissler

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