CT2 – Building Renovation Passports / Energy Performance Certificates

CT2 is related to renovation of existing buildings and in particular to Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). The link to and use of renovation passports as an active part of EPCs and development of action towards realisation of the savings identified will be important elements of the work of CT2. Control systems will be needed to ensure the success of EPCs and in particular in their use connected to MEPS. Quality and needed training of experts and their role in minimum energy performance standards will therefore be some of the critical elements covered by this team. Realisation of proposals for improvement of buildings will be linked to finance and this again links to requirements for good quality. Finally, the team will work in connection to databases for registration of EPCs and their use in the perspective of getting better data for buildings and energy performance. The team will work with as well certification in connection to sale or rental of buildings, but also with the regular certification of, for instance, public buildings.

The team is led by ADENE, Portugal – Rui Fragoso