CT1 – National Building Action Plans / MEPS

This Central Team supports the renovation of existing buildings. Major focus areas and tasks include National Renovation Action Plans and Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for existing buildings as they are expected to become part of the revised EPBD directive. National Renovation Action Plans strongly link to targets for the building stock and activities of the CA EED. This work will therefore involve collaboration with the teams under CA EED. Minimum Energy Performance Standards, MEPS, are expected to become a central element of the renovation strategy and this team will handle the CA work on MEPS. The team will work with the development of these strategies as well as their full implementation. Evaluation of results will therefore be a central part of the work as will the identification of measures that work, but also Long Term Renovation Strategies (until update of EPBD). The team will  address both residential buildings and non-residential buildings.

The team is led by BAFA, Germany – Martin Pehnt