Cross-cutting Team 3 – Compliance, Capacity and Impact

Compliance, Capacity and Impact

Even the best-designed policies only work well if they are complied with.  The way policies are enforced and monitored is of high importance for the impact of the EPBD.

A key element in the successful implementation of the requirements of the EPBD is the capacity to ensure and measure the impacts of measures and supporting initiatives. Another element that is essential in the implementation and enforcement of EPBD regulation is the establishment of effective penalties for non-compliance.

Many aspects of capacity, monitoring and impact will be similar for the requirements of new and existing buildings and certification and inspection. These aspects will be the key focus of this Cross-cutting Team.

In the Concerted Action EPBD, Cross-cutting Team 3 deals with Compliance, Capacity and Impact of the EPBD. The most relevant parts of the EPBD for this Team are:

  1. Independent control system (EPBD Article 18) – compliance
  • Establishment and organisation of the Independent control systems (ICS)
  • Separated systems of the ICS (energy performance certificate – EPC and reports on the inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems – inspection reports)
  • Availability of the EPC and inspection reports
  1. Review of the EPBD (EPBD Article 19) – impact
  • Experience gained and progress made during application of the EPBD
  1. Penalties (EPBD Article 27)
  • Penalties (type of sanctions at design and at as-built stage)
  1. Annex II on Independent control systems
  • Random selection of the EPCs
  • Options of the verification of the EPCs accordance with Annex II
  • Random selection of the inspection reports
  1. Other parts of the EPBD dealt with primarily by other Concerted Action teams are also relevant to Compliance, Capacity and Impact. They are:
  • Independent Experts (EPBD Article 17)
  • Issue of energy performance certificates (EPBD Article 12)
  • Display of energy performance of certificates (EPBD Article 13)
  • Inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems (EPBD Articles 14 and 15)
  • Reports on the inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems (EPBD Article 16)

Activities of this Cross-cutting Team

The principal activity of this team is to organise sessions and workshops with technical discussions to share experience and investigate challenges of compliance with the requirements of the EPBD at MS level, with increased focus on monitoring and improving existing policies.

The main themes for Cross-cutting Team CCT3 are:

  • compliance with the requirements of the EPBD for new and existing buildings and especially with requirements for certification of building and with inspection of heating and air conditioning systems
  • capacity building (organisation and management of ICS on national and local level (effective and proportional penalties systems)
  • reporting structures

Themes and working groups will be set up with regards to the needs identified by small states, federal states or new MS.