The work of the CA EPBD IV is organised using Central Teams and functions, which include:

  • 3 Core Teams: ‘New Buildings’, ‘Existing Buildings’ and ‘Certification & Quality of Inspection’;
  • 3 Cross-Cutting teams: ‘Technical Elements’, ‘Policy & Implementation’ and ‘Compliance, Capacity & Impact’;
  • 2 Central Functions: ‘Collaboration with other actors’ and ‘Internal & External Communication’;
  • Some additional functions and supporting measures.

The Central Teams can be illustrated as a matrix where many of the topics can fall into more teams:


The Central Teams cover and address issues that support coordinated implementation of the EPBD to increase its impact and reduce implementation costs, focusing on issues that do not require harmonised national implementation methodologies. Collaboration between the Central Teams will be a common operational modus.

Each team is led by a Central Team Manager appointed among the partners.

  • Coordinator Jens Laustsen, DEA;
  • CT 1 – Core Team Manager New Buildings, Hans Erhorn, BBR;
  • CT 2 – Core Team Manager Existing Buildings, Bruce Young, BRE;
  • CT 3 – Core Team Manger Certification and Quality of Inspection, Xavier Loncour, CSTC;
  • CCT 1 – Cross Cutting Technical Elements, Kirsten Thomsen, SBI/DEA;
  • CCT 2 – Cross Cutting Political and Implementation, Marjana Šijanec Zavrl, GI ZRMK;
  • CCT 3 – Cross Cutting Compliance, Capacity and Impact, Nada Marđetko, Škoro, MGIPU;
  • CaCo – Coordination with other CAs and other EU projects, Ezilda Costanzo, ENEA;
  • Internal and External Communication, Peter Wouters, CSTC.

The Central Team Managers together with EASME and other central functions form the Steering Group. This group is responsible for the set up of the work on topics and for the Plenary Meetings in the CA EPBD IV. The Danish Energy Agency is leading the CA as the overall CA IV Coordinator.

The CA IV Topics and Themes are addressed in sessions during the Plenary Meetings, collaborations between meetings and possibly during a working group.