What is the Concerted Action ESD?

A joint initiative of the EU Member States and the European Commission, the CA ESD was launched in 2008. It involves those representatives of national ministries or their affiliated institutions charged with preparing the technical, legal and administrative framework for the Energy Services Directive (2006/32/EC) in each country. It is a likewise initiative to the CA EPBD, the key aim being to enhance the sharing of information and experiences from national implementation of this important European legislation. It is organised around meetings between national representatives and has the additional aims of contributing to standardization activities and assisting the committee overseeing the implementation of this EU legislation. It is accompanied by other measures to enhance communication, including a communication platform.

The Directive itself is considered a significant legislative component of energy efficiency policy of the EU, having been designed to contribute to the Kyoto commitment, security of supply and competitiveness. The ESD sets a strong indicative target for each individual member state: 9% energy savings between 2007 and 2016 or 1% per year. Countries are obliged to make a measurable and verifiable effort to reach the target.

  • You can read the directive¬†here.
  • The website of the Concerted Action ESD:¬†

The Concerted Action ESD is funded under Intelligent Energy-Europe within the EU’s Competitiveness and Innovation Programme.