Implementation Indicators

On request of the EC, the CA EPBD compiled a list of Key Implementation Decisions (KIDs) to quantify the status of EPBD implementation in the EU countries. The list includes indicators from the 28 EU MS plus Norway, in the following major EPBD areas:

  • Implementation of Energy Performance Certificates: database, number of certificates.
  • Current minimum performance: calculation method and type of requirements.
  • Minimum performance of technical building systems: requirements for heating, hot water, cooling and ventilation systems.
  • Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings: definition, cost-optimal calculations.
  • Inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems: responses to Art. 14 & 15, number of inspections.

The data in this version of the KIDs’ list, is mainly based on the information reported in the CA EPBD BOOK 2012 and is collected in 2014. There is currently a new set of indicators being collected.

You can download the full list here.